Cap & Gown Assembly Arrives for Seniors


Jocelyn Lear

Seniors were given cap and gown order forms at the October 11 Senior Class Meeting.

Friday morning, seniors sat in the FAUD to learn about their Cap & Gown orders, their senior trip payment, a fundraising opportunity, and prom.

Jocelyn Lear
A variety of products are available for purchase along with the cap and gown, including mugs, class rings, clothing, and stationery.

This year, Cap & Gown orders are months earlier than in previous years, with a deadline set for October 25. Graduation marks a momentous occasion and achievement in the conclusion of twelve years of education; this meeting was crucial to the process.

Introducing the order forms that include several graduation souvenirs as well as the required caps and gowns, Mr. Ferraro from Student Services outlined every detail–including the importance of the deadline.

“Those custom cards that you order are made on a limited basis,” Mr. Ferraro said. “Everyone who has their orders in on time, you’re guaranteed. If not, we may end up having to substitute some things out.”

Other souvenirs, such as the highly ordered senior class mugs, are only available to order up to the deadline. Any late orders are subject to late fees.

Additionally, shipping and handling is free for orders ONLY consisting of the graduation cap and gown. Ordering is available online as well at

Jocelyn Lear
A fundraising packet was also given out to seniors, full of non-expensive household items for the holiday season and for every day life.

In addition to the order forms, students also received a fundraising magazine full of holiday gifts and home goods, as well as flowers and chocolates. Fundraising goes towards prom, to offset the cost and lower the price of tickets.

Students also nominated class songs and prom themes at the meeting. The last school day for seniors is June 4.