Green Out Day Brings Awareness


Matthaus Gross

Students wear bracelets with the messages “Mental Health Matters” and “You Are Not Alone” for Mental Health Awareness Day. Bracelets were provided by SADD to every student in the building.

On Thursday, BASH’s SADD club held their first annual Green Out Day, celebrating World Mental Health Awareness Day. With paramount importance, mental health is an increasing concern in the modern age.

This day helps show that people care about those struggling with mental health issues and that they are not alone. 

A mental health problem can be very damaging. Problems it can cause can change a person completely. 

One day, a person might seem happy, delighted, and overall great in every way; the next day they might come in with a whole new attitude. There are many causes to this problem and some of those are family problems, stress, and anxiety. 

Mental illness can be hard to avoid. It seems to occur out of nowhere and sometimes cannot be stopped. Stress piles up from things like school, work, or family issues. 

Some take to social media to help cope with this; for some, social media may contribute to it. The internet is not always a good thing, and can worsen a mental state.

Talking to friends, family members, or specialists are great starting points for healing. In addition, providing a shoulder to lean on to friends, family, and strangers can help improve one’s mental state in a tough time.

Giving emotional support or advice and helping someone get their feelings out will greatly support someone who struggles. Providing some sense of stability, this will give them the feeling that they are not alone and that there are people who care. 

Mental health is something that society should be aware of, and know how to deal with, along with the support that one can give to another who is struggling.

In the overall perspective, Green Out Day is a symbol for awareness of mental health problems, and what we can do to help people who have them. Remember to always help someone who is in need of it.