Spirit Week Increases School Spirit!


Jocelyn Lear

Students on Safari Day dressed wildly; some as animals, and others combining Tacky Tourist outfits with the concept.

Tons of people enjoyed Spirit Week this week, showing off all sorts of out-there outfits.

We all love to show school spirit through the fun and silly things that we got to wear and say during this fun week. Whether it was dressing like an animal for Safari Day, or annoying our friends with “sksksk” on VSCO Day, we all got to have fun this week.

On Monday, we got to dress up in red, white, and blue for America Day. Over the course of the day you might’ve seen kids dressed from head to toe in red, white and blue, or hear someone scream ‘Murica!’ down the hall.

It was a great way to get students excited on a rainy Monday.

VSCO Day seemed to be the most common among the mass.

Many looked forward to this day, as it symbolized one of the funniest modern trends of the year. We got to wear our scrunchies, long t-shirts, crocs, and of course our save the turtles shirts.

Students found this hilarious and many got involved with wild hair-dos and casual outfits. Not to mention the crazy people who yelled, “And I oop,” down the hall every chance they got.

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Safari Day seemed to be another common day that we looked forward to.

Some students have just been waiting to break out their crazy animal costumes and sound effects.

On Wednesday they got to do that; you might’ve seen someone being obnoxious with animal noises, or someone who was unrecognizable from an animal because of them going all out.

Students also combined aspects of Tacky Tourist Day from last year, dressing like a miniature Steve Irwin. Some people dressed as cows, and others had inflatable horses and other animals around their legs.

Out of This World Day was most likely overlooked by people because of all of the other interesting days.

That didn’t mean it wasn’t fun to participate in. Amongst the madness of the day, you might’ve observe a student who had a makeshift space suit or alien costume on, with shiny clothing or glittery makeup. Some might’ve even seen Area 51 raid shirts. Several students brought inflatable aliens, and painted little alien emojis on their faces.

And finally, Pink Out.

Pink Out was the day people went all out with their clothes. Wherever you look, you saw pink. From head to toe, your eyes were filled with pink. You might’ve seen people who painted their faces pink, dyed their hair pink, or even went as far as wearing long pink robes.

In past years, students have gone wild with Pink Out, and this year was no exception. Students were also encouraged to wear their pink outfits to the Homecoming football game that night.  

Whether you enjoy it or you don’t, Spirit Week is a creative way to increase school spirit for the new 2019-2020 school year. It combines the craziness of the BASH students with the creativity that lives within their minds.

It helps bring out someone’s true creativity that otherwise may not have been revealed.