BASH Senior Qualifies for National Merit Scholarship


Senior Aimee Toscano has made waves at BASH the last few days for her latest achievement: she has qualified as a semi-finalist for the 2020 National Merit Scholarship.

Topping out at the top 1% of the nation for the PSAT last year, Aimee scored 1500. Her best SAT score exceeds that, as 1520.

Aimee feels happy and proud, but wasn’t aware of the significance at first.

“I didn’t really know how big of a deal it was,” she said.

It hasn’t changed how she views the world, but it does help her in one regard.

“It’s going to help me with college,” she said.

Aimee, who started schooling a year early, has always done well. Her favorite subjects are chemistry, math, and physics.

“I want to go into quantum chemistry,” she said.

Despite this, Aimee has her fair share of problems herself.

“I procrastinate a lot,” she said.

She hasn’t applied anywhere yet, but she is looking at either Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute or Bryn Mawr.

Aimee is 16, turning 17 in November. She’s is a possible Valedictorian for the Class of 2020.