Football, Track to Return to Stadium

Graduation not to be held at BASH this year.


Jocelyn Lear

The new bleachers made out of aluminum, costing around $1 mil.

The very large project for the new aluminum bleachers, which replace the long-loved Memorial Stadium, is closing out at around $1 million. The aluminum material will not rust, avoiding any water damage and structural weakness that brought the Memorial Stadium’s demise.

Originally valued as a $4.5 mil. project, Barry Isett & Associates engineered the stadium while Stadium Solutions were contracted to construct it.

Jocelyn Lear
The “BEARS” logo on the home side being resprayed onto the field in time for the football season.

Funding for the project came from School Board approved funds.

Several sports, including home football games and home track meets, will return to BASH.

Football is especially excited to return to the field, having won their first game of the season and having a home game this Friday.

Contrary to previous plans, AstroTurf is no longer planned for the other sports fields. Although team rooms are also no longer on the table, concessions and bathrooms are still planned to be built.

While graduation will not be held at BASH this year, next year’s class may experience a change from the normal BASH graduations. Max capacity for the new bleachers are 2,800 people; this is lower than the Memorial Stadium’s estimated capacity of 3,000, which will possibly affect how many tickets each student receives for their family in future graduations.

Senior Allie Howe has mixed feelings about the new bleachers.

“I think it was very cheap,” she said, “they took the cheap route compared to OJR or Spring Ford stadiums.”

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