TSA Chapter Wins Service Awards at State Conference

The Technology Student Association (TSA) attended the annual TSA State Conference in Seven Springs, PA, and was awarded the Inspiration Award for the 2nd time in three years, according to Advisor Mr. Joshua Pennington. The award goes to the best overall chapter for community service, fundraising, involvement inside and outside of school, and achievement in our conference events.

The group also was awarded the “Spirit of Service” Award from the American Cancer Society for donating a new National TSA record of $11,000 to cancer research, which is the most money donated in the history of the TSA Organization.

Boyertown also had the most Top 10 award finishers of any school attending the state competition. The winners included:

201 3D Animation

2nd  –  Hamrick Asher, Cuthill Brody, Johri Divyesh, Famous Joshua

Board Game Design

2nd  –  Cuthill Brody, Young Evan, Famous Joshua, Kalbach Payton, O’Connor Tara, Schott Elliot.

Chapter Team

Place 4  –  Reigner Abigail, Hamrick Asher, Cuthill Brody, Angus Chris, Famous Joshua, Bellino Trevor.

Children’s Stories

Place 1  –  Eickhoff April, Clarkson Elizabeth, Hauser Emma, Witherington Garrett, Wenhold Paige, O’Connor Tara


1st  –  Soda Marcantonio, Rohrbach Thomas

209 Computer-Aided Design – Architecture

9th –  Frisco David

Computer-Aided Design – Engineering

2nd  –  Witherington Garrett, 6th  –  DeMenno Grace

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

1st  –  Angus Chris, Witherington Garrett, DeMenno Grace, Houser Jesse, Michener Nathan, Hagmann Tyler

Digital Video Production

10th  –  Reigner Abigail, Berryman Hunter, Poe Katelyn,  Barnes Nathan, Goslin Reid

Dragster Design

6th  –  Frisco David, 7th  –  Witherington Garrett

Engineering Design

4th  –  Cuthill Brody, Angus Chris, Johri Divyesh, Clarkson Elizabeth, Witherington Garrett, O’Connor Tara

7th  –  Howald Annie, Young Evan, Black John, Woodring Jordan, LeVan Lochlan

8th  –  Eickhoff April, DeMenno Grace, Houser Jesse, Michener Nathan, Rohrbach Thomas, Hagmann Tyler

Essays on Technology National Max 3/s

1st  –  Goggin Caitlin, 5th  –  Howald Annie, 10th  –  Patel Kreena

Fashion Design and Technology

4th  –  Goggin Caitlin, Berryman Hunter, Barnes Nathan, Goslin Reid

9th  –  Hyland Jessica, Hyland Natalie, Kalbach Payton, Charitos Theano

Forensic Science

8th  –  Houser Jesse, Patel Kreena

Promotional Design

7th  –  O’Connor Tara

Scientific Visualization (SciVis)

5th  –  Reigner Abigail, Berryman Hunter, Poe Katelyn, Barnes Nathan, Goslin Reid

Software Development

3rd  –  Hamrick Asher, Johri Divyesh, Famous Joshua, Soda Marcantonio, Rohrbach Thomas, Hagmann Tyler

9 th –  Eslava Danielle, Morrell Lianne, Zaleski Natalie, Gilmore Scout

Technology Bowl

1st  –  Klass Derek, Soda Marcantonio, Bellino Trevor

Webmaster National Max 1

3rd  –  Reigner Abigail, Hamrick Asher, Johri Divyesh, Famous Joshua, Poe Katelyn, 5th –  Young Evan, Woodring Jordan, LeVan Lochlan, Scout Gilmore

Electronic Research & Exp

2nd  –  Klass Derek, Soda Marcantonio, Johannsen Olivia, Bellino Trevor, 5th  –  Angus Chris, Johri Divyesh, Berryman Hunter, Barnes Nathan, Rohrbach Thomas, Hagmann Tyler

PA – Logo Design

1 st –  Johannsen Olivia, 5th  –  Wenhold Paige

PA – Materials Process National, 2nd  –  Reigner Abigail

R/C Off-Road Racing

5th  –  Bauer Anthony, Burisky Joseph, Roma Wesley

PA – Safety Illustration, 9th  –  O’Connor Tara

Chapter Team – Written

4th  –  Famous Joshua, 10th  –  Cuthill Brody