New Printers Part of District Money-Saving Effort


New copy machines were installed around BASH over the last few weeks.

Have you noticed anything new on your student laptops? Perhaps a small box with a green “100” in it and the school logo?

The number is a quota. Though not active yet, it is part of the school’s new copier rollout that happened last week and something the district hopes will save money.

The district’s contract for copiers expires December 23, and it chose not to renew it in favor of a new contract, IT Director Robert Ianelli said.

“We have decided to go with a new vendor that will save the district over $125,000 per year over the current contract,” he said.

The district never owned the printers but leased them from the previous vendor. The school completed swapping out the old printers for the new this week.

Mr. Ianelli said the new printers should be simpler to operate.

The new copiers operate very similar to what we have in place today, but are much easier to use,” he said. ”For students, they will continue to use their pin at the display to retrieve their prints or copier functions.”

The district reportedly prints upwards of 450,000 pages per month costing over $2,000 in paper.

Mr. Ianelli said quotas are being set “to control the amount of paper the district uses and be more environmentally friendly.”

The quotas can be ignored for now, he said in an email to all students and faculty, as they have not yet taken effect. There was no information as to when the student quotas will go active, or at what time the balance for students will refresh.