TSA Wins Awards at State Conference

The Technology Student Association (TSA) students returned home from their annual statewide conference with numerous awards, TSA Advisor Mr. Joshua Pennington announced in a recent email.

Additionally, for the first time in BASH TSA history two students successfully ran for the PA TSA State Officer Team.  These students were Joshua Famous for the office of Sergeant at Arms, and Abigail Reigner for the office of PA TSA State President.

The BASH TSA and Boyertown Freshman Academy also submitted a check for $4,100 as a donation to the American Cancer Society which made them a front-runner for the TSA National 2018 Spirit of Service Awards.


1st Place – 3D Animation (Joshua Famous, Brody Cuthill)

4th Place – Chapter Team (Josie Benner, Josh Famous, Brody Cuthill, Chris Angus, Asher Hamrick, Luke Tomme)

2nd Place – Children’s Stories (Talor Bianchini, Alyssa Carlier, Hallie Paules, Autumn Doerr)

1st Place – CADD 3D Engineering (Grace DeMenno)

5th Place – CADD 3D Engineering (Garrett Witherington)

3rd Place – Digital Video Production (Abby Reigner, Carson Umberger, Jon Xhoxhi, Reid Goslin)

5th Place – Dragster Design (Kai Gabriel)

6th Place – Dragster Design (David Frisco)

2nd Place – Engineering Design (Elizabeth Clarkson, Emma Hauser, Garrett Witherington, Grace DeMenno, Jessica Hyland, Tara O’Connor)

4th Place – Engineering Design (Divyesh Johri, Kobe Rocero, Lane Adams, Tom Rohrbach, Tyler Hagmann)

7th Place – Engineering Design (Chris Angus, Brody Cuthill, Olivia Johanssen, Dan Martignetti, Kreena Patel)

7th Place – Essays on Technology (Josie Benner)

4th Place – Fashion Design Technology (Alyssa Carlier, Autumn Doerr, Hallie Paules, Talor Bianchini)

7th Place – Future Technology Teacher (Alyssa Carlier)

8th Place – Music Production (Chris Angus, Luke Tomme, Jon Xhoxhi, Victoria Ulmer, Lane Adams)

1st Place – Prepared Presentation (Josie Benner)

2nd Place – Promotional Marketing  (Tara O’Connor)

3rd Place – Promotional Marketing (Eden Sakal)

4th Place – SciVis (Abby Reigner, Kate Poe, Reid Goslin)

1st Place – Software Development (Josh Famous, Carson Umberger)

8th Place – Technology Bowl (Garrett Witherington, Josie Benner, Trevor Bellino)

10th Place – Transportation Modeling (David Frisco)

4th Place – Video Game Design (Asher Hamrick, Brody Cuthill, Dave Johri, Josh Famous, Kate Poe)

1st Place – Webmaster (Asher Hamrick, Carson Umberger, Dave Johri, Josh Famous, Kate Poe)

8th Place – Webmaster (Deanna Charitos, Eden Sakal, Elizabeth Clarkson, Emma Hauser)

10th Place – PA Computer Systems Troubleshooting (Kobe Rocero, Marc Soda)

2nd Place – PA Electronic Research and Experimentation (Derek Klass, Marc Soda, Olivia Johannsen, Trevor Bellino)

6th Place – PA Logo Design (Tara O’Connor)

2nd Place – PA Materials Process (Abby Reigner)

3rd Place – PA Materials Process (Bryan Martignetti)

8th Place – PA R/C Off Road Racing (Trevor Bellino, Marc Soda, Olivia Johannsen)

5th Place – PA Safety Illustration (Kate Poe)

4th Place – Chapter Team Written (Josh Famous)

2nd Place – Technology Bowl Written (Josie Benner)