Block Fundraiser Spells Trouble for Teachers


Student Council students delivers blocks to classrooms this week as part of its Mini-THON fundraiser.

This week, many teachers have walked into their classrooms in the morning to see a surprise — cardboard boxes painted to look like toy blocks.

The blocks are part of a fundraiser for Mini-Thon and go with its Toy Story theme. Students pay to put the blocks in teachers’ rooms in order to disrupt class and annoy teachers.

They pay $5 for the first five blocks and an additional dollar for every one over five. In order to avoiding being “blocked”, teachers can pay a “block insurance” fee of $10. If they do not, they have to pay $7 to remove the original five blocks, and a dollar for every block after that. All the money goes toward Mini-THON’s goal of raising money for the Four Diamonds Fund, which  assists children treated for cancer at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital and their families.

Currently, math teacher Mr. Turner has the most blocks in his room. Students paid over $300, and as of Monday there were over 150 blocks in his room.

Football players loaded up Mr. Miller’s room with Mini-THON blocks. Students had fun spelling words with them.


“If I had walked into my room and saw 150 blocks, we wouldn’t have done much learning that day; we would have just built forts out of blocks,” Math teacher Mrs. Folk said.

Ed Tech teacher Mr. Andrew Schopf is actually hoping he gets a lot of blocks.

“Go big or go home,” he told students. “If you’re going to put blocks in my room don’t put just five in my room, put so many in my room that it becomes a fire hazard and I have to teach all my classes in the auditorium.”