Internship Program Expands, Provides Seniors More Real-World Opportunities

The internship program started a few years ago by the guidance department has grown over the past few years.

The program started a few years ago, with one student interning outside the school at Building a Better Boyertown. Now students do internships in the fields of elder care, journalism, non-profit work, child care, criminal justice, and real estate, among others.

“By participating in the program, students can determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create network of contacts and gain a grade and school credits,” said Mrs. Natalie Warren, who supervises the intern program.

Students who want to participate in the program must get approval from a guidance counselor. They can come with a place in mind and get it approved, or the guidance counselors will help them to find a valuable place to intern.

Students are graded based on a mentor evaluation, a reflection, and an observation. A student can earn 1 credit for interning per day, 1.5 credits for three periods, and two credits for a four-period per day internship.

Some of the internships are in-house, with the IT Department or BASH school store.

Senior Lauren Philips is an intern at the school store, which sells foods, drinks and school supplies to students. During her internship, Lauren everyday goes down to the store during flex and then also does inventory work during 3rd period. She has gained valuable experience by learning how to work with inventory and dealing with customers, she said.

“This program gives me the abilities I will need to be successful in the future,” Lauren said.

Another student participating in the program is Senior Amanda Murray, who has been working at the United Way of Boyertown. Previously, her only work experience was at the local candy shop Peppermint Stick.

“The program makes me well rounded,” she said. “If I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t have the skills that I have now.”

She said her favorite thing about the internship program is the people she has met and everything she has accomplished.

“It’s something different than a regular school day.”