The Wacky and Weird Abound During Wish Week


Sophomore Nick Ruppert was granted his wish of a Coke on Tuesday.

This year’s Wish Week was filled with cookies, sodas, teddy bears, and scrunchies.

Wish Week, run by Student Council, is a weeklong event in which every student and faculty member at BASH is given an opportunity to make a wish, however weird it might be. People will most likely get wishes that are creative and inexpensive, Student Council Adviser and history teacher Mr. Jeff Kusniez said.

“You can wish for anything you want,” Mr. Kusniez said, “though we will tell you that the cheaper and easier it is, the more chance you will have of it getting granted.”

This year, with over a thousand wishes were submitted, he said, and over 500 were granted. Most students requested baked goods and beverages (mostly coffee). Others include a therapy dog visit and extra credit in a certain class.  Sophomore Casey Tremblay got her wish, a hair scrunchy.

“It was a sunflower one, and I love sunflowers,” she said.

Some of the more peculiar wishes were a gallon of milk, a live goldfish, and a jar of mayonnaise. One of the most entertaining wishes was from Junior Brian Martignetti, who asked that Garrett Witherington follow him around playing the saxophone. Some asked for a filet mignon, but that wish was not granted.