Bigger, Better School Store Open


The School Store is one of the many places students have the opportunity to intern.

After several locations and advisors over the past few years, the school store has reopened in the banana hallway.

The store had been somewhat hidden in the old choral room hallway during construction. The new store is much more visible and has a new advisor, Business Teach Mr. Richard Letts, who has organized a crew of student volunteers.

“The students are the ones who run the store,” he said.

The students are in charge of purchasing stock, keeping track of sales, and keeping inventory, just as real businesses operate. This gives students an opportunity to see what it’s like to run a business, and to learn retail practices and customer service.

Senior Mitchell Peers is one of the student volunteers. He said he plans on going into business and working at the store is good experience for him.

Sample of what the school store is selling this year.

He pointed out that the new store, in its new banana hallway home, has much more space to serve more customers.

“Previous years, we were pretty much in a random closet,” he said. “We didn’t have enough space to serve many customers or get new ones. Now, we have plenty of space.”

The store also has revamped their menu, offering more snacks and coffee, with their biggest seller this year being the French Vanilla coffee.

The store also sells apparel, hygiene items, gum, and even heart-rate monitors and earbuds. It is open every period.