Renovated Cafeteria Offers More Choices but Confuses Some


The renovated cafeteria includes new food options.

The renovated cafeteria is bigger, brighter and has more food offerings. It also was designed to be more convenient, but some students are finding it confusing.

The cafeteria expansion was part of the school’s three-year construction project. The entire serving area and register area were demolished and reconstructed to make it bigger and accommodate with the new 9th graders coming up to the building, Cafeteria Manager Deb Stasik said.
“It is much easier for everyone,” Stasik said, “because for many years there was a limited amount of space and students had to wait in a long single file line to get their food.”

Food Service Worker Wanda Ruppert, said the new cafeteria is better because it offers new food varieties such as a new flavor of hot soup each day, new deli sandwiches made-to-order, and a new salad bar where students can create their own salad.

“The amount of buyers for the new items is really starting to go up from the beginning of the year,” she said.

While students seem to like the new food offerings, some are having a hard time adjusting to the new setup.  Some point out that they still have to wait in a single-file line that is long before they get inside the part of the cafeteria where they can go to the different parts.

“This year everyone is all over the place and it can get confusing where to go,” said Lindsay Scott, an 11th grader.

Junior Ashley Baldwin agrees. “[Before] it took me less than two minutes to get my lunch,” she said. “This year it takes me 15 minutes.”
Junior John Tyson says he misses the comfort of the old cafeteria.
“The old cafeteria had more color and character,” he said.