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BASH’s WWII trip is on its way

On March 22nd, BASH’s history department will be taking 208 students to Europe. Visiting England, France, Germany and Belgium, the group will be learning about the history of WWII.
Lexi Giampietro
BASH teachers chaperoning for the WWII trip (Left to right) Miss Boyle, Mrs. Snyder, Mr. Burychka, Mrs. Clager, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Dunne, Mr. Bleiler, Mrs. King

Many teachers and staff have been preparing for the past few years, with Mr. Bleiler being the main leader. The school has been working with the company EF Educational Tours to put together this 11 day trip. Students attending this trip couldn’t be more excited.

All students attending this trip must be very cautious with what they bring, as they are not allowed to bring luggage, only a carry-on and personal item. Piper Zaharchuk, a Sophomore at BASH says, “I still have to organize all of my packing and re-weigh my suitcase.”

As stated above, WWII history will be the primary focus of the tour. “The importance of learning history is to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes again, even though unfortunately we do,” Lexi Giampietro, a BASH Sophomore, says about taking a deeper look at history. This trip is very important to many students. As Piper puts it, “Learning history is important to society as it teaches us about different people, cultures, and their experiences.” Through this trip students may learn the history of those lives we have lost, the greatness of people coming together and the history that makes all of us.

Though not everyone on this trip may have conducted their own research, many have been preparing. Lexi says she had learned a lot of WWII history from her own sister, which has given her a better scope of this trip. Piper said, “I have been planning for this trip for a while. And I have been looking at the locations we are visiting and the significance behind them.” Rylie Gartner (grade 11) says though she will be able to learn about the history of WWII; she is truly excited for the actual experience of this trip.

These travelers will be visiting four different countries including England, France, Germany and Belgium. Lexi says she doesn’t know what she hopes to see the most since there are so many significant monuments this group gets to see. Rylie says she can not wait to see the Palace of Versailles and Rylie agrees with both Lexi and Piper; they all are most excited to see France.

For people like Lexi, this may be their first time traveling out of country, which she says, “I really want to be able to travel the world, and see everything.” Rylie says, “I have traveled both in and out of the country.” This trip enables all people to travel and get their own experience.

Students attending the trip cannot wait for their departure. They hope to let people know to take a chance on these cool experiences, with getting to travel the world with their best friends while getting to see some of the most famous landmarks in the world. 

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Lexi Giampietro
Lexi Giampietro, Correspondent
Lexi is a freshman at BASH, and this is her first year writing for the school newspaper. She joined the CUB because of her love for journalism and wanting to meet many of her peers. She enjoys writing and interviewing the people in her school, and is a very social person. Along with writing for the CUB, she is also involved in Student Council and IMPACT Club.

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