Senior Spotlight: Anastasia Davis

Anastasia Davis is a senior  this year. Shes was in Color guard for four years and BCTC for two years.

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Anastasia Davis is a senior this year. She’s was in Color guard for four years and BCTC for two years.

Here at The Cub, we have a brilliant, magnificent girl with dyed hair named Anastasia Davis,  also known as Annie. She has style and spunk, enough for an entire senior year.

Annie lived in Scranton for some of her life, then moved to Boyertown and went to BASH. She spent most of her high school years in BCTC (Berks Career & Technology Center ) to study in the cosmetology program. She enjoyed every minute of it. She especially likes doing her hair, and it shows since every month she has a new color on her head. 

“I like vivid hair color and the creative aspects of it. Makeup and nails were a plus. BCTC gave me a way to express myself, make friends, and change my well-being for the better. I learned about myself, the industry, and the importance of working hard for myself.” Annie expressed that even though her years in BCTC are numbered, she is glad to have gained these experiences.

Besides BCTC, she spent afternoons at Boyertown spinning a flag with the BASH Color Guard and marching band. She surrounds her life with flags and glamour, with practice almost every day and makeup every night. Annie says, “I find comfort in the people in guard and band. They are like my family.” 

With all these activities, she enjoyed participating and was glad she met so many people that shaped her into who she is today. Without people like her, color guard coach, Melissa Reese, or band director, Brian Langdon, she wouldn’t know what to do without them paving the way for her growth.

She joined  journalism for the second time this year, even after taking a break since her freshman year. John Loos, a correspondent of The Cub, said that “She’s fun to be around and I enjoy her company.” Even though this is only her second year of being a part of journalism, she was loved by those around her. She joined expecting the bare minimum of writing, however, got way more out of the new friends she made and something to take with her in the future, her creative mind.

When she leaves BASH, her plans consist of taking a gap year and working till she is ready for a new year of college. She wants a fresh new start. Usually, people end their years with a smile, but she chose to end it with a new hair color.