Senior Spotlight: Arlene Fourrien


Arlene Fourrien, senior graduating from BASH, moving into a bright future

As the class of 2023’s time at BASH is approaching quickly, students are starting to look back at their time here at the high school. Even though we all have seemed to take advantage of our time here, complaining about how long the day is, how tired we are, or how we wish we could just graduate already, there is one student that has always been able to remind other students and me why we wake up each morning to come to BASH, Arlene Fourrien.

Ever since meeting Arlene this year, I realized she brought a positive attitude to the classroom each and every day. Every morning Arlene comes into the classroom and greets everyone with a smile and a sense of liveliness that wakes me up each morning. Even though she claims to be an introvert she is able to brighten anyone’s day just with her amazing attitude. 

Since Arlene is a senior she will sadly be leaving The Cub for good after June 2nd. However, she has bigger plans for the future. Next year she plans on commuting to Kutztown University, majoring in communications, then possibly will transfer to a bigger school like Penn State or Temple. All while attending university she will also be a part of a professional marching band, The Reading Buccaneers. Arlene just recently auditioned and got the spot on the team this month. This is a huge accomplishment since she is one of the youngest members, competing alongside adults in the DCA championships. After college, she plans on “writing a book at some point and continuing her writing career.”

Arlene is excited to leave, however, she is sad to leave the many clubs that she has participated in over the years. Even though she made her big move from North Philly during “The Covid Year,”  AKA her sophomore year, she was able to join many clubs. She got to participate in Color Guard, Choir, The Cub, SDU (Student Diversity Union), and The Accent. 

I asked Arlene what her favorite memory at BASH was and at first, she said “Eating popcorn,” however I started to remind her of the more impactful things she has been involved in at BASH, and her final answer was “Going to Europe with the choir.” she also said she is gonna miss all her friends that she has made here. Regardless, she is excited for her future and can’t wait to be “financially stable, and have a job that actually pays well” and of course “having peace in my life and sleeping in.” 

We are so grateful to have you here with us in The Cub for the past four years. Thank you for joining us along the ride and making it better each and every day, best of luck Arlene, your gonna do great things!