The Botanical Club comes to BASH


Julia and Logan wash the roots of a monstera in order to re-pot it. Photo Credit: Logan Zimmers and Julia Eckert

Recently, students Logan Zimmers and Julia Eckert have risen up with an all new club for BASH. The Botanical Club is a club about plants, for people who either love them or would like to learn about them.

They originally developed the idea for the club from when Julia was searching for a plant club or group in the school. After not finding one, she hatched the idea to create her own.

Her goal for the club is “to create a space for people interested in botanicals to gather, discuss, and grow plants.” She hopes people can join this club to express their love for botany.

She explained how, “at the club, we will learn more about all things botany, propagation methods, and soil and plant types.”

Since the club is still in the process of establishment, they will be having unofficial meetings in the library every Wednesday after school from 3 to 4. If you are interested in botany and plants, make sure to stop by!