Recess is coming back to BASH! And it’s not just for students!


A colorful playground, much like the ones that students played on as kids

Remember the elementary school days? Math was easier, crafts were used more often, and recess was an exciting part of a student’s day. Recess gave kids a break during school to let them play or talk to friends that weren’t in their class, but once you hit middle school, you don’t have a break like this anymore. But don’t worry, you don’t have to reminisce about the old days for much longer, because Boyertown Area School District has decided to give recess to the middle and high schools for the incoming school year!

The school board recently decided on bringing back recess after looking at all of the positive effects it has on students. Recess allows everyone to relax, catch up on school work, run around, draw, listen to music, play games with their friends, or just talk with people they don’t see throughout their school day. Additionally, outdoor activity can be very beneficial for many reasons. It improves physical activities, attention, and concentration. It also helps keep disruptive behavior in the classroom to a minimum.

Occurring to The Penn Foundation, 77% of principals take away recess as a punishment for kids. Using this as a minor punishment rather than a detention could keep kids in line, because they’d rather run around with their friends than stay inside. 8/10 principals say kids stay more on task after recess, which is why it’s beneficial for the rowdy middle school and high school students who may lose focus throughout the day. 

The World Health Organization states that 14% of kids ages 10-19 suffer from at least one mental illness. Going along with that, school can cause a lot of stress and tends to overwhelm a lot of kids at some point, which is just more of a reason to include recess in an older student’s schedule. Having recess as a break to get out all the energy and stress that built up throughout the day can help students feel better.

After the school board and principals looked at all the data, talked to other people in charge, and got students’ opinions, they decided it would be beneficial to kids and teachers alike. It wouldn’t just allow the students a break, but the teachers as well, which they definitely deserve. Hopscotch, jump-rope, kickball, marbles, and just walking around yelling will be enjoyed by all!

Of course, some period during the day will have to be used for thousands of kids to go outside. But when will they have any chance to, their schedules are already full? The board has determined that the best time for a recess break would be during the FLEX period at the high school and tenth period at the middle school. If students still wanted to participate in clubs or study halls during recess time, that would still be an option, so long as there were enough members in that club. Because the FLEX period is so early in the morning and the tenth period is so late in the day, both of those will be moved so that recess can be somewhere in the middle. For high schoolers, FLEX will be moved so that it occurs after the fifth period. For the middle schoolers, tenth period activities would be moved to sixth period,  meaning that the real tenth period will be used for school instead of clubs, like it was in the past.

Get ready for the next school year, folks, because recess will be on the schedule! Keep those grades up and stay out of trouble, or you’ll get it taken away. You wouldn’t want that, right?

Happy April 1 from the Cub!