Washington Journalism and Media Conference


Photo provided by Mrs. Schaarschmidt

Mrs. Schaarschmidt attending WJMC as a faculty advisor with students attending WJMC

BASH Cub correspondents Emma Webster and John Loos have been nominated by Mrs. Kraus-Schaarschmidt to attend the Washington Journalism and Media Conference (WJMC). WJMC is a national youth journalism event held annually in Washington DC, at George Mason University.

During the week at the WJMC, attendees will get to hear from world-renowned, award-winning speakers who are experts in the fields of journalism and media. They will also get exclusive access to the National Press Club and special locations around D.C., as faculty advisors guide students through the conference and put them in decision-making roles as they discover the process of delivering news.

There are many past notable speakers for this event, which includes Kevin McCarthy, entertainment reporter, and film critic for Fox 5; Rebecca Roberts, curator of programming for Planet Word Museum; and Arelis Hernandez, a reporter for the Washington Post.

picture of the Washington Monument by Mrs. Schaarschmidt while attending WJMC (Photo provided by Mrs. Schaarschmidt)


The event is from July 9th to July 14th, 2023. Upon completion, they will be given transferable college credit for George Mason University.