’22-’23 TSA team competes at annual PA TSA Region 9 Conference

Boyertown Senior High TSA members win first place in Biotechnology Design at the annual PA TSA Region 9 Conference


Boyertown Senior High TSA members win first place in Biotechnology Design at the annual PA TSA Region 9 Conference

Boyertown Senior High’s TSA competed at the annual PA TSA Region 9 Conference on Saturday, February 4. More than 50 Boyertown Senior High students and over 50 parents and teachers traveled to Stroudsburg Junior High to compete in or judge the event. The student teams showed off their skills and were very successful in their work! Mr. Pennington wants to thank Bob Eshbach, Jaime Ramos, the IT department, the custodial crew, teachers who tolerated kids working on their projects when they shouldn’t be, and lastly, Dr. Foley. The results of the competition are as follows!


Architectural Design

1st Place – Samantha Jo Dolansky, McKenna Smith, Ethan Maraldo, Leah Pulcher, Katelyn Pritchard, Ethan Martins


Audio Podcasting

1st Place – Ava Carmichael, Summer Bellino, Victoria Munoz

3rd Place – Eryn Drobins, Alyssa Hadfield, Rey Payseur

4th Place – Robbie Ramsey, Evelyn Howald


Biotechnology Design

1st Place – Samantha Jo Dolansky, Thomas Huber, Ethan Maraldo, Sofia Maraldo, Grace Gibbins, McKenna Smith

2nd Place – Tanisha Johri, Dylan Klass, Richard Black, Sofia Peredo

3rd Place – Ava Carmichael, Lea Pulcher, Evelyn Howald, Robby Ramsey, Kyler Hohenstein, Milly Liang


Children’s Stories

3rd Place – Milly Liang, Ava Carmichael, Victoria Munoz, Evelyn Howald, Summer Bellino



2nd Place – Rey Payseur, Alyssa Hadfield


CADD 2D Architecture

1st Place – McKenna Smith

2nd Place – Samantha Jo Dolansky

3rd Place – Katelyn Pritchard


CADD 3D Engineering

3rd Place – Brodie Peifer

5th Place – Nathan Romanisko

6th Place – Sofia Peredo


Debating Technological Issues

2nd Place – Summer Bellino, Evelyn Howald

3rd Place – Sabrina Falzone, Katelyn Pritchard


Dragster Design

4th Place – Brodie Peifer


Engineering Design

2nd Place – Alyssa Hadfield, Eryn Drobins, Rey Payseur, Leah Pulcher, Grace Gibbins


Essays on Technology

3rd Place – Evelyn Howald


Extemporaneous Presentation

1st Place – Summer Bellino


Fashion Design

3rd Place – Milly Liang, Summer Bellino, Ava Carmichael


Forensic Science

2nd Place – Alyssa Hadfield, Eryn Drobins


Future Technology Teacher

1st Place – Ethan Martins


Geospatial Technology

1st Place – Tanisha Johri, Dylan Klass, Richard Black

2nd Place – Ethan Maraldo, Lucas Famous, Brayden Pope


Manufacturing Prototype

1st Place – Dylan Klass, Richard Black, Nate Romanisko, Tanisha Johri, Sofia Peredo, Lucas Famous


Photographic Technology

1st Place – McKenna Smith

4th Place – Caroline Young


Prepared Presentation

1st Place – Summer Bellino

2nd Place – Sofia Peredo


Promotional Design

2nd Place – Milly Liang

4th Place – Allyson Bosler

5th Place – Grace Gibbins


Senior Solar Sprint

3rd Place – Dylan Klass, Richard Black


Software Development

2nd Place – Lucas Famous, Grace Gibbins, Ethan Maraldo, Allyson Bosler, Brayden Pope


Structural Design and Engineering

2nd Place – Brayden Pope, Brody Peifer


Technology Problem Solving

5th Place – Tanisha Johri, Dylan Klass


Transportation Modeling

3rd Place – Brodie Peifer


Video Game Design

1st Place – Ethan Maraldo, Samantha Jo Dolansky, Lucas Famous, Ethan Martins, Dylan Klass

2nd Place – Katelyn Pritchard, Thomas Huber, Eryn Drobins, Rey Payseur



3rd Place – Ethan Maraldo, Lucas Famous, Grace Gibbins, Samantha Jo Dolansky, McKenna Smith


PA Materials Process

2nd Place – Leah Pulcher


PA Safety Illustration

1st Place – Milly Liang

2nd Place – Sofia Maraldo

7th Place – Caroline Young

Everyone who showed their work in the competition did a wonderful job, and now these students will continue their tremendous efforts to prepare for their State Conference, which will be held from April 19- April 22. At this conference, they’ll compete to qualify for the TSA National Conference, being held in Louisville, Kentucky. Congratulations to the TSA students and crew for all of your efforts to get these amazing results!