Seniors dominate traditional Powderpuff Game


Arlene Fourrien

The senior football team for powderpuff.

The annual Powderpuff Game took place Thursday, October 27, with seniors winning 26-16.

The juniors did a great job and the Powderpuff cheerleaders blew the audience’s minds with their hilarious routines.

Joe McCracken, senior cheerleader of the night had a great time. “I feel that the game is really good. I’m glad to see seniors in the lead in the first half.” He also enjoyed the show that he and the other cheerleaders got to perform at halftime, he even believes it was “stellar.” Another cheerleader¬† stated that “It was pretty chilly, but they were

The cheer team for powderpuff

fine cause [sic] of how excited they were.”

Mary-Ann Leshinskie, a junior football player enjoyed powderpuff regardless of winning or not. “It was fun to spend time with people in my grade and enjoy the cold night” Other people on her team had something different on their minds. Most of them were very disappointed that they lost. Other students suggested they lacked training and should’ve gotten another practice. But in the end, they still finished well and tried their best.

Powderpuff this year had some of its best and really showed everyone’s skills on the field.¬† Watching everyone play and showing school spirit really brought the school together and most importantly brought smiles to people’s faces.