TSA PINK-OUT fundraiser expected to add one thousand plus for ACS


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Previous years BASH TSA showing their support for breast cancer awareness by wearing Mr. Pennington’s fundraiser shirts!

According to Mr. Pennington, TSA Advisor for BASH, “Three to four thousand dollars!” has been raised to date for the American Cancer Society (ACS). Shockingly all that money was raised in 2 days!

In room 420, Mr. Pennington and his TSA students strived to make t-shirts in support of ACS. On Thursday, September 15th Mr. Pennington sent out an email informing everyone about t-shirt sales. In 2 days he had made a total of 3-4 thousand dollars to donate to ACS.

Mr. Pennington and TSA have been donating to this ASC  for many years. “I started making t-shirts and donating the money since I started working here in 2009,” Mr. Pennington stated.

That’s a whole 13 years! However, it doesn’t stop there, Mr. Pennington and his TSA students don’t just make t-shirts. “Sometimes we do a 5k like a run called Relay for Life which has sponsors,” Pennington followed up with.

Relay for Life is a fundraiser for ACS, that’s dedicated to saving cancer patients’ lives.  According to Relay for Life, “Every year, the Relay for Life movement raises more than $400 million. The American Cancer Society puts these donations to work, investing in groundbreaking research in every type of cancer and providing free information and services to cancer patients and their caregivers.”

Here at BASH, we support giving to the ACS charity. In 2011 Bash donated over 11 thousand dollars to ACS, for which we received a trophy.

On  Thursday, October 13th, 2022 Mr. Pennignton’s tee-shirt sale will be held to benefit ACS, specifically designated breast cancer research. The shirts are for this year’s Pink-Out on Friday, October 14th, in school and for the football game. To reach their goal this year, of making $1,500, they must sell at least 200 shirts.

To order a shirt click here! Be sure to order your Pink Out t-shirt to show your support for everyone affected by breast cancer!