Freshman tailgate success


On Friday, August 26, 2022, Boyertown Area Senior High hosted a Tailgate Party for freshmen and their Link Crew leaders. The event was held on the high school’s softball field right before their first home football game. All freshmen who attended the Tailgate party had the opportunity to participate in many fun games, eat delicious food, dance to fun music, and later get into the football game free of charge. Many people who attended the event seemed to have enjoyed themselves. Giancarlo Gargano describes the event as, “Lots of people who are awkward in one field.” Ashlyn Dorsey says, “The Tailgate is very fun. They should do this more.”


Members of the ROTC were assisting with a few of the games at the event, though not all. One of the games that the students seemed to take over, and which looked as though to be the most popular, was spikeball. Other games played include cornhole, can jam, and the dunk tank.  Some of the students chose to dance to the music or just wander around and chat with their friends. Others sat on the bleachers, enjoying the provided food. Whichever way the students went about their time, they relished the moment they had to simply be kids and socialize with their friends.

“It was a lot of fun. 10/10 would recommend,” Caitlyn Kalbach says. Bella Brown states, “It’s a great opportunity to be social and meet new people.” It seems that the Freshman Tailgate Party was a huge success. Maybe the school will consider doing more events like this in the future, and have Freshmen Tailgate parties in the years to come.