Senior Spotlight: Alana Hopkins


Alana Hopkins Staff Writer for the Cub 2021-2022

As the 2021-2022 school year ends, The Cub says goodbye to Contributor, Alana Hopkins,  who has been a part of the journalism classes, contributing to The Cub for two years.

Before joining the journalism classes here at BASH, Alana had no prior experience writing. She initially joined the journalism classes because she enjoyed her english classes and wanted more experience writing and editing, to help with her future career. The classes ended up benefiting her by allowing her to mainly edit articles and perfect the layout of stories.

Alana not only spends her time working with The Cub editing and writing, but she also is very involved in sports. She has been doing track for 6 years. Her specific events she has stuck to throughout her years in track are the 100 (meter dash), 200 (meter bash), 4×100 (relay, and 4×200(relay).

In the fall, she will be attending Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY. Alana will be majoring in nursing here, and running track. She chose to major in nursing because she wants to help people, many people in her family are nurses, and it is a career that will always be available and around to work in and chose the university due to its great nursing program.

She stated, “My favorite thing about The Cub and the thing I will miss the most about it is the people I have met and worked with.”

Alana has many big plans ahead of her and the rest of The Cub staff wishes her all the best for what is to come!