BASH’s Construction Through The Years


Photo of BASH under construction in 1994.

Many students and staff members remember the 2017 renovation of BASH, which many find to be significant. However, the lesser known 1994 addition/renovation was arguably more significant.

1994 was a crazy year for BASH with an extravagant construction that included the LGI, the library, 44 classrooms, the new auditorium, the fitness center, and the technology labs. The gymnasium, the TV studio, and the cafeteria kitchen were also added.

The 1994 plaque with the enclosed time capsule at the east entrance (John Loos)

This construction added over 183,000 square feet to the building and cost 27 million dollars, which adjusted for inflation, is over 52 million dollars today!

This was a different time for BASH because there were only 1,400 10th-12th graders compared to today’s 2,100 9th-12th graders. BASH was also referred to as BHS, standing for Boyertown High School.

This construction is reminiscent of BASH today; there is a plaque outside the east entrance titled “1994 renovation” that commemorates this addition. Along with the plaque, there is a time capsule that is enclosed that is set to be opened in 2094.

Inside the east entrance to the left, there is a larger plaque that commemorates the people involved with this addition. It shows the names of the board of school directors, contributing school directors, administration, all construction jobs, and the architect.

With everything the building has been through in its 103 years, many students have gripping opinions about this structure. “I really like the structure, I love the NAUD (New Auditorium),” says Mason Wright, a freshman at BASH.

Teachers also have interesting takes on the building. “ It had a pretty effective layout, the bulk of the freshman in one [building] is helpful when finding people,” says Mr Phelan, a 9th grade english teacher,“I like walking up the stairs, exercise is a good thing.”

BASH has been through a lot of changes throughout the years, it will be exciting to see what comes next!