Project NOTE


Project NOTE

A slide from his project that is an example of how the slides continents are set up.

One student at BASH has created a project on his own which he calls NOTE. Joshua Lear, a sophomore, who enjoys writing poems and has even submitted some to the BASH Accent, has created something that is typically out of his comfort zone. This project NOTE stands for The Nations of the Earth, which he hopes will help students remember that it would be “notes” on a country.

Joshua initially got the idea to create this after watching two consecutive years of the Olympics. He was fascinated with each of the countries that competed and liked how they could still come together even during a worldwide pandemic, but felt bad for the Ukrainian athletes after the 2022 Beijing Olympics since they did not know what they would be going home to. He was also influenced by all of the flags hanging up in the 700’s hallway here at BASH.

After gaining an interest in the countries around the world, he thought that he wanted to impress himself by knowing each countries flag by the next Olympics. He started by creating a google slideshow and put the countries on a globe with which continent they are on. He then listened to a song called Nation of the World that helped him put all of the countries and their flags in order.

Currently, after working on this for a month, he only has the flags for each country in his slideshow. Joshua has been working more recently on linking each country’s National Anthem to their flag, adding their coat of arms, and a globe of where they are located on Earth. He plans to add all of the following to each slide:

1.) Name

2.) Official Name

3.) Name in National Language

4.) Flag

5.) Meaning of Flag

The United States slide form his project showing how each country is going to be organized. (Project NOTE)

6.) Language(s)

7.) Population (as of 2020)

8.) Capitol

9.) Major Cities

10.) Government

11.) Currency

12.) Food

13.) Clothing

14.) Ethnicity

15.) Religion

16.) Weather

17.) Biomes or Terrain

18.) Landmarks

19.) Means of Production

20.) Transportation

Joshua stated, “I want to be able to do something good for the students at BASH and for future classes. I think it is important for students to know about what else happens in the world everyday then what they are used to.” He likes working on this project because it is a way for him to stay busy and educate himself about the world.

He hopes that his project can be used as a resource for future students who are curious about the world, and Joshua plans to have this done by May of 2024. He plans to make this a contribution to the school, especially the history/social studies teachers!