Boyertown students make history at Regional Science Olympiad


Kutztown University’s Boehm Science Center, where the competition took place.

On March 24th, the Boyertown High School Science Olympiad team competed in the Central Eastern Regional competition. The students made local history by becoming the first Boyertown team to qualify for the state competition.

Bridges—1st Place
Josh Leshinskie and Nate Peterson

Chemistry Lab—1st Place
Bella Slupski and Michael Perry

Cell Biology—2nd Place
Hailey Garner and Peyton Stipa

Green Generation—2nd Place
Hailey Garner and Peyton Stipa

Trajectory—3rd Place
Josh Leshinskie and Nate Peterson

Detector Building—3rd Place
Mark Longenberger and Josh Leshinskie

Remote Sensing—3rd Place
Michael Parry and Ethan Maraldo

Environmental Chemistry—4th Place
Kasey Gress and Brayden King

Wifi Lab—4th Place
Mark Longenberger and Ethan Maraldo

Rocks and Minerals—4th Place

Ethan Maraldo and Kasey Gress

If you happen to see the following students, please congratulate them on their accomplishments!