Required music program starts at BASH



BASH’s New auditorium which will be used for performances.

The article, Frontiers in Psychology, says that Researchers agree that both genetic and environmental factors contribute to a person’s musical ability. Another study at the University of Helsinki, shows that 50% of musical talent is inherited. Are you a part of that half? BASH’s new requirement of enrolling in a music/instrument class will test that theory, first hand.

BASH is offering new additions to the course selection cards. Classes such as Beethoven’s newest hits, Bagpipe and Triangle lessons, All Instrumental, and History of Post Malone. The program of studies briefly describes each of these classes.

Beethoven’s Newest Hits: Explore the new Beethoven notes and movies. He may be dead, but he still releases!

Bagpipe and Triangle Lessons: Learning how to play the Bagpipe and the Triangle, makes this the most exciting portion of your day. This class is split, half of the year is contributed towards the bagpipe, the other half consists of the Triangle.

All Instrumental: This class teaches students how to identify instruments while also listening to instrumental versions of many songs. 

Get to Know Your Very Own: Knowing many people struggle with understanding that artists have background, BASH creates a class covering the history of Post Malone. From the minute he was born to the day he is still living.

Boyertown will hold twice the amount of musically inclined activities. For example, orchestra concerts will be hosted 4 times throughout the year. Some concerts will even be held during the summer. In a student’s 4 year attendance at high school, they are required to participate in at least 3 musical events (this does not include taking the music class). 

On Tuesday, Mar 8, 2022, The Boyertown Area School District ruled that there will also be a competitive aspect of these music activities. Students will have the opportunity to compete in sing offs. They can also play instruments against another person and a verified teacher determines who played it better. This will affect many students and allow them to participate in other school activities other than sports and clubs. 

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