Jared Drabick as Will in BASH’s Oklahoma!

Drabick proves there more to being In The Hall!


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Jared Drabick staring in BASH’s 2022 musical titled Oklahoma!

Oklahoma!, a musical production by Rodgers and Hammerstein, is being put on by the students of Boyertown Area High School from March 31st through April 3rd in the BASH auditorium. Tickets are nearly sold out, so order yours online if possible!

One character, Will Parker, is brought to life by our very own 12th grade BASH student, Jared Drabick. 

Jared Drabick is also known as BASH’s 2022 Jared in the Hall. Jared has acted in other roles such as Mama Mia! and Music Man Jr. from previous years at Boyertown. He has been participating in plays at Boyertown since elementary school. This experience has driven his interest in acting and has made him a star in the eyes of his family and friends here at BASH.

In this year’s production, Jared plays Will Parker, a cowboy with a love interest in Ado Annie who is played by Olivia Helmer and a rivalry to Ali Hakim, played by Nate Ansu. Will Parker is not the smartest tool in the shed, but he does have a kind soul and many funny moments that will make the audience laugh out loud.

People might wonder how Jared can remember his lines in such a short amount of time, and his helpful tip was repetition. He works with the other cast members while in costume to get the flow and movement down, therefore to understand the correct way that a cowboy would move and dance.

Another big thing he has to prepare for is the kissing scene. Drabick said it is not a problem with other talented cast members and being professional in this line of work.

When discussing ways to deal with nervousness Jared brought up his method which was just doing it, “When you do it, and are all hyped up it’s a lot of adrenaline, as soon as you realize the play started it’s already over.”

Jared also gave his opinion on being behind camera compared to being on stage. Jared said “Being on camera and on stage is very different, because on camera everyone sees you as this energetic guy that smiles and when they see you off the camera not smiling they are surprised. Compared to being on stage and acting as a character is completely different.”

Jared said that at this point he doesn’t have any plans for acting in college. He wants to focus on academics.

Thanks to Jared for taking the time for this interview and as for the Cub we recommend attending Oklahoma!, a beautiful play performed by the best of BASH’s thespians!