Money now grows on trees!

Image of the money trees before they are harvested.


Image of the money trees before they are harvested.

New information revealed that money can now grow on trees. Harvest this year is considered plentiful, as the economy grows from this new discovered plant. Although the value of real money has gone down because of this, the first ever money tree is at an all time high! Due to its mysterious appearance, people have been warned not to approach it as it could contain mutants. It was first discovered in Guatemala in a small village, and the people’s initial reactions were one of excitement and shock, not believing the possibility that this could ever happen. No one in the world has ever thought it possible that money could grow on trees, yet it seems that humans have become mistaken once again.

In the past, BBC news has tricked viewers into thinking that spaghetti grew on trees, and those claims have been rebutted. However, this new discovery has changed the way people view and handle trees. Even more now, people began to take enough care in hopes of stumbling across a money tree. Researchers have scoured the area for any factors that could contribute to this mysterious plant and it seems that a special seed planted once a year that helps the production of money trees has been discovered in the forbidden soil in Guatemala.

It’s purpose is still unknown and whether or not it helps or harms the environment, yet the roots of the tree have been taken in for further research. Researchers have been deployed to this specific city, as it cannot be found anywhere else. The environmental scientists are tasked with watering and cloning seeds to produce more of these mysterious plants to keep for further inquiries. Researchers keep a close eye on the growing plants, trying to learn everything they can, but this is a phenomenon that doesn’t seem to have a solid explanation as to how this can be. The researchers are said to have taken money saplings from the plants to continue testing the biological means behind this phenomenon.

Although it seems as if these plants could be harmless, given their appearance as US dollar bills, the United States has imposed laws regarding this ‘money tree.’ The money trees would only be grown and harvested by the government and should not be used as currency in the states, and if we come to the conclusion that it is safe, it will have to be regulated. Such seeds will  (hopefully) soon be available at your local Lowe’s soon!


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