Animals take over teaching!

The new librarian, Mrs. Ostrich.


The new librarian, Mrs. Ostrich.

On April 1st, farm animals from a local farm will be invited into BASH to take over teachers jobs. Teachers will act as students when this all occurs, and they will be paid on top of it.

A study showed animals are more intelligent and have more skills necessary to teach than humans. It is said that animals in classrooms are better for kids to learn.
The website, “Pets in the classroom” stated, “Whether it’s Math (how much does a hamster weigh?), Science (what does a snake eat?), Geography (what part of the world do ferrets come from?), or Grammar (what words would we use to describe a goldfish?), students will approach learning all these subjects with a new enthusiasm and interest. Other classes can even come visit your classroom pets and your students can create special presentations about the animals.”

A study from 2014 stated, “Monkeys are able to perform math at a fairly advanced level, according to new research. Margaret Livingstone at Harvard Medical School led the investigation showing rhesus macaques are able to perform mathematical tasks. The last common ancestor of that primate and humans lived 25 million years ago.” So, monkeys will be assigned the role of teaching math.

Besides math, English teachers will be ostriches like the new librarian, dolphins will be the new gym teachers as the gym will be replaced with a swimming pool, sloths will be history teachers, turtles as science teachers, and the teachers for all electives will be cats. The new animals will be a great contribution to the BASH teacher team.

As this is obvious, Happy April Fools!