Student Council launches Operation Heart


Photo Credit: Tatum Korn

Student Council member Autumn Nuss working on hearts

Student Council has launched Operation Heart to show teachers and staff appreciation for all the work they’ve done this year. English teachers gave students some guidance and a little class time to submit hearts. Messages could be anything (as long as it’s appropriate) and there was no limit to the amount you could send.

In the two weeks students were able to send in hearts, over 1400 heartfelt messages to various teachers and staff members were submitted. Students loved having this opportunity to thank their teachers; junior Lyndsay Camp agrees. “I think it’s a great way to show appreciation, and it’s really just a nice thing to do.”

Student Council has received a variety of responses so far. Many students wrote heartfelt notes, some wrote funny insideĀ  jokes they share with their teachers. Two students, Kayla Jomarron and Kyle Zeisloft, took it upon themselves to write a note to all the BASH staff members who aren’t teachers- this included the secretaries, lunch ladies, security guards, and the tech team. “The IT people, nurses, lunch ladies, custodians, security guards, ladies in the office, the attendance lady, the lady in the ISS room- they do so much for this school yet they don’t get appreciated as much as they should,” says Kayla. Each personalized heart took between 3 and 10 minutes to make, and in the end the two made over 50.

Hearts will be delivered throughout the week of February 28; teachers are asked to either wear their heart strings or display them somewhere in their classroom. Student Council hopes the hearts bring happiness to the teachers and staff, and that they recognize just how appreciated they are.