A guide for fun in the cold weather



Spring Mountain Adventures busy with skiers and snowboarders at the bottom of the slopes.

As temperatures drop into single digits, BASH students look forward to the summertime. However, there is more to winter than the long wait for the cold to end. 

Many people like to spend time outdoors, despite the cold temperatures. Freshman Katie Buckley says, “My favorite thing to do in the winter is snowboarding.” Luckily for all of those who love the slopes, there are two resorts within a 20 mile radius of Boyertown.

Bear Creek Mountain Resort and Conference Center offers opportunities to ski, snowboard, and snow tube. A season pass can range from $319 to $469. The value pass allows the purchaser to use the facilities weekdays, as long it isn’t a holiday; the unlimited loyalty pass allows unrestricted visits to the mountain. Bear Creek also offers ski and snowboarding lessons. For those who aren’t interested in the commitment to a seasonal pass, a daily lift ticket may be beneficial. The resort offers all day passes and 4pm-close (9pm) passes.

 Spring Mountain Adventures offer almost identical services: season passes, lessons, and daily lift tickets. They teach how to ski or snowboard, which can be very beneficial for people looking to get into one of these winter sports. In addition, Spring Mountain also offers public ice skating and skating lessons, which are new this year. Spring Mountain added this for the 2021/22 winter season and it is more like your traditional ice skating rink. It is an outdoor rink, almost right next to the slopes. This is also the current site of where the Boyertown hockey games are being held for this season, and tickets for those events need to be purchased online before the game.

Public ice skating and lessons are also available at Oaks Center Ice. They offer a variety of hockey lessons for kids and adults alike, and was the previous site for all of the Boyertown hockey games.  Oaks Center Ice also has public skating, which costs $10 to attend, and makes a great birthday party idea for younger kids. To go along with the public skating, if someone is new to it Center Ice offers skating lessons for all ages 3 to adult.  Not only do they have public skating, but their very own figure skating club, which many people do not know they have. 

Winter can allow you to perfect your hot chocolate recipe or make a snow angel, but above all it’s a time to enjoy time with your family and friends. Whether curled around a fire or freezing in the snow, quality time with the ones you love will always warm.