“Simthing To Celebrate…” Or Not?


The Sims Twitter

The official roadmap post from The Sims Game Twitter Account.

On January 5, 2022, The Sims posted on Twitter a “road map” sharing what new things will be coming to The Sims 4. 

This roadmap entailed a picture of two sims looking excited with confetti around them. Under that, the picture states, “Find your reason to yay with: a game pack that throws a party for love-Two vibrant kits that celebrate fierce design-The gift of unique community collaborations in game and out-Free global food items to bring sims together-Plus a few more surprises!” 

In the confetti, there is a cake icon and a ring icon which leads many fans to believe this “love party” game pack is an upcoming wedding pack. This could be cool for many players, but for some they are worried. Players are excited about possibly having a pack with bachelor and bachelorette parties and maybe online dating.

On the other hand, they are worried their expectations will be let down and the pack could be underwhelming. 

Lilsimsie, a Sims youtuber and streamer,  stated in one of her videos reviewing this tweet, “We got a wedding cake with a heart. We got these rings with a heart. I mean, it’s pretty clear to, I think all of us, that it’s gonna be a wedding pack. Party for love, wedding, you know,” “I saw some people in my chat talking earlier about how like, they’re worried about how they’re gonna fill up a game pack that’s wedding-themed to be like, game pack worthy, and I’m with you,” and, “I feel like the pack is probably gonna be more about like, the wedding-wedding part, and you know what, I’d like to see that, I’d like the see some updates to the wedding processes.” 

As for the kits (little “stuff packs” that cost 5 dollars), Sims players are worried for more kits and if they will be worth buying them for five dollars, when all they are is a little version of a “stuff pack” which is 10 dollars and have a little more content in them. Many players in the comments of this tweet expressed their hate for kits. 

The comments people made about the new kits to be released. (Twitter)

Sadie Grimm, a freshman at BASH, stated, “I’d rather have some sort of expansion pack or something that adds new gameplay rather than a wedding pack. Kits are good because you can get what you want without having to spend like 10 dollars on a stuff pack just for 2 things,” in response to the upcoming packs and kit updates. 

No matter what pack updates there will be, more kits or a wedding pack, players will be excited to see them when they are released. Hopefully, the upcoming updates will live up to everyones expectations.