Bored? Here are Some Books to Read in Your Free Time


Enjoy reading these interesting and unique books that have been suggested!

Do you like to read? This list will share great books to read in your free time!

“The Complete Persepolis,” by Marjane Satrapi.

“The Complete Persepolis” is a memoir, and graphic novel, where Satrapi tells the story of her growing up in Tehran. Satrapi shows how things were and the struggles she had but also, the good times she had. Genre: Graphic novel, memoir.

“The Midnight Library,” by Matt Haig. TW: Suicide.

“The Midnight Library” is a novel that follows a woman who lives the lives she could’ve lived, after appearing in a mysterious library, after attempting suicide. Genre: Philosophical/fantasy fiction.

“Never Let Me Go,” by Kazuo Ishiguro.

“Never Let Me Go” is a novel where Kathy looks back on the times when she and her friends were kids at Hailsham, a special boarding school and the time after and sees how the mysterious things there line up with reality. Genre: Psychological/science/speculative fiction.

“This One Summer,” by Mariko Tamaki.

“This One Summer” is a graphic novel about an annual summer vacation following Rose Wallace as she sees family troubles, local drama, and friendship. Genre: Graphic novel, fiction.

“The Stars Beneath Our Feet,” by David Barclay Moore.

A novel that Follows a boy in Harlem after his brother’s death while he tries to move forward. Genre: Fiction.

“The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2018,” by Sheila Heti.

This novel shares different writings including poetry, short stories, comics, fiction, nonfiction by many different people. Genre: Humor, creative writing, poetry, fiction, nonfiction.

Are You Listening?” by Tillie Walden.

“Are You Listening?” is a graphic novel that shares two women on a trip after they both want to escape from their pasts. Genre: Graphic novel, fiction.

“Swing Time,” by Zadie Smith.

“Swing Time,” is a novel that shares a story of a woman’s dream and journey from childhood to adulthood. Finding her identity and going through friendships/relationships. Genre: Novel, fiction.