How TSA is Helping Prepare Students for the Future


Makaylah Mithelavage

Mr. Pennington presenting his greatest achievements from TSA which is the best advisor (pictured on the left) and becoming the best national chapter (pictured on the right).

Many students don’t have any idea what they want to do with their future, but students involved in (TSA) may have a leg up.  When talking to Mr. Pennington, TSA Student Advisor, shared his thoughts on how TSA has helped prepare students for successful careers. 

 When asked about the type of job opportunities and college scholarships TSA students have seen, Mr Pennington indicated that students that seized the opportunities given to them through the TSA programs by participating in conferences, school technology clubs, and competitions directly contributed scholarships that have been awarded to students.  

In fact, Mr. Pennington stated that “an outstanding TSA student is someone who has gone above and beyond and has done anything and everything they could do to learn and improve themselves throughout their time in the TSA program.”

There’s a misconception that TSA is tied to advancement in only STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) careers. However, the reality is that participation in TSA helps propel students’ overall leadership and collaboration skills – which is applicable in any career. 

 In fact, Mr. Pennington shared an example of how TSA develops leaders by helping students identify their strengths and opportunities within teams, as well as taking leadership by delegating roles and responsibilities by  “bringing each team member’s greatest attributes to the group.”

 Not only did Mr. Pennington have thoughts on how TSA helps improve communication and leadership skills, but Emilie Lawn, a junior at BASH and winner of states in promotional and logo design also shared her thoughts on the topic. She stated, “Definitely communicating with everyone in TSA is very important. It made it easier to ask questions and connect with the people in my group.” 

Many TSA students enjoy the competitions and they even become the highlights of students’ years. If any of these opportunities interest you, contact Mr. Pennington at [email protected] for more information!