Senior Spotlight: Connor McNeill, Co-Sports Editor

As this school year comes to an end, the BASH Cub must say goodbye to Connor McNeill, who is one of the sports editors on The Cub.  He has been a part of this newspaper for one year, but has had other experience prior to joining He went to camp and was a part of the journalism classes at BASH before he decided to join The Cub. Connor mainly sticks to writing sports articles, specifically on the NFL teams, but sometimes ventures off onto other articles that are not sports related.

Connor stated, “My favorite part and what I will miss the most will be nagging Ms. Kraus.”

After he graduates, Connor will be going to Penn State Main Campus to major in Journalism with a minor in Business Administration. He mainly wants to go more so for the sports radio end of journalism because he ” loves talking anything Philadelphia sports and could do so for hours!”

BASH wishes Connor the best of luck and know he will do great things!