Wyoming doesn’t exist


Concern over Wyoming’s existence continues to grow. /Getty Images

Wyoming, the least populated state in America, home to the buffalos, and nicknamed “The Cowboy State,” is considered to be the 44th state. But in this article I argue the opposite. I argue that Wyoming never existed at all. I will show that the Cowboy State is just a mythical creation by later Americans to manipulate the American public. 

First we state some of the facts. Wyoming has a population of only 578,759 making it the least populated state. Therefore it has a low probability of existing. The only other state that has a population lower than 700,000 is Delaware, but Delaware was the first state and Wyoming was theoretically the 44th.  Wyoming also has a similar date to Montana when the two entered the union. Montana entered in 1889, Wyoming entered in 1890. This is strange because both states were admitted by President Benjamin Harrison and both voted for him in the 1893 election. This shows that two states could not help Ben win the election, therefore one of them is a fraud. 

One last thing that we must not forget to mention is the name Wyoming. Wyoming has the same name as Wyoming county in Pennsylvania. Yes that is right. There was a county called Wyoming that was admitted in 1842 over 30 year before Wyoming became a state. This is clear proof that Wyoming stole from Pennsylvania. 

With all the evidence I have gathered. It is safe to say that Wyoming does not exist.