A whole new marching season in 2020

BASH marching unit warming up during band camp

BASH marching unit tech and staff and @bashbands on instagram

BASH marching unit warming up during band camp

The Boyertown Area Senior High Marching Band has never had a more interesting year. 

Multiple different challenges came to us during this year, from school getting called out for an unspecified amount of time or families who were battling Covid while staying safe at home. Even though many people chose to stay at home over quarantine, the Boyertown Area Senior High marching unit found a way to safely and effectively “Adapt and Overcome” the challenges that this year threw at them. With the help of Mr. Langdon (BASH Band Director) and the marching band tech, the marching unit was able to put together a fantastic performance for their audience this season. I had the amazing opportunity to interview a few members of the marching unit themselves, asking a few questions about how they thought the season went.

At the beginning of the year, the members of the marching units were unsure about how this season was going to work. Starting at band camp, things were distinctively different from the previous year. All members were required to wear masks and stay socially distanced to keep everyone safe. Yet, they were all able to push through and overcome every challenge with ease.  “The members worked so hard and adapted to so many challenges,” Mr. Langdon, the BASH Bands director stated as he explained how he thought the season went. ”I am so proud of not only the show that we were able to create but also the skills (both marching and life) that were developed by all. I absolutely loved this season and I think it was one of the most successful ones I have been part of.”  

Mr. Langdon also told about what impression the band left on him throughout the season and what the most memorable part of the marching season was. “This group was so resilient,” he stated, ”These were some extremely strong young men and women and I am forever impacted by their desire to overcome these challenges. I think the last football game was most memorable. We got to play a ton and despite taking off a week and coming back for one quick practice, I think we had one of the best runs of our show that night. We also started a new tradition with  handing out show pendants that members will be able to collect for each year they are in the group.” 

Marching unit members at very first game of the season Photo credit: Mr. Langdon and @bashbands on instagram

Along with Mr. Langdon, I also got to interview senior drum major Anthony Bartolucci, who answered the same set of questions in his own words. “The marching unit left a huge  impression on me, as it was my last year with the band,” he started. “ It showed me how strong the BASH Marching Unit is and how no matter what lies ahead, anything is possible.” When asked if there was anything he would change about this year’s season he responded endearingly. “Honestly, there is nothing I would change about this year’s season. What the students and staff put out for us this year, I am honored to be a part of it. The 2020 season will always be the foundations of which future members will look back upon, and it is a prime example of how we adapt and overcome.” 

The last person I was able to interview was Olivia Campbell, who is a senior in the BASH marching band and the flute and clarinet section major. Olivia’s overall opinion about the marching season was a positive one. Saying that “everyone adjusted really well to what we had to do and everyone just kept up a very positive attitude throughout the season.” She had a very positive attitude all season all while making sure that everyone in her section had a clue about how different things were working this year. Her most memorable part of this year’s season was: “how quickly everyone in the band just adjusted, especially when practice times were moved or locations were switched.“  It shows how she feels about the members and their commitment to the band.

Overall, the BASH marching band went through a lot of trials and tribulations this season. However, I believe that everyone came out of this season so much stronger than years before, and proved themselves to “adapt and overcome” anything that came flying at them. The BASH Bands is one strong family.