Boyertown celebrates veterans day

Veterans Day is a day we honor all all US veterans, those of the past and present. Usually we celebrate with parades and services. This year it might look a little different, however. Boyertown has cancelled it’s annual Veterans Day parade, but don’t worry- there are still plenty of ways to honor those who serve our country.

In Boyertown this year  the Boyertown American Legion is opening at a special time: 10am and closes at 10pm. According to their Facebook page, they are serving specials to veterans all day including Mel’s Famous Ham and Bean homemade soup! Veterans can stop in any time. It’ll be a nice way to spend some time today, especially since most events were cancelled. Regardless, make sure to spend some time today appreciating our veterans. Even though this year may look different, it’s still a very special day.

Here at the BASH Cub, we would like to personally offer our sincere gratitude to all of our readers who have served and those students in NJROTC who are aspiring to serve!