Meet Jessie Ahart, the new Student Editor In Chief

Meet Jessie Ahart, the new Student Editor In Chief

Jessie Ahart is a senior at BASH and this year will be her 5th year participating in journalism classes and writing for school newspapers, which are the West Press and The Cub, between her years in middle school and high school. She initially joined The Cub because it allowed her to expand her writing abilities and helped her learn what it is like to report news or stories for the public. Jessie spends a lot of her time writing, which she loves to do since it allows her to have her own freedom to write and say what she wants. She enjoys journalism and likes The Cub because it has helped her with her interviewing skills over the past few years, and without it she wouldn’t have learned the many things about the school if she didn’t take the chance and gone out to explore certain things.

But journalism and stories is not the only form of writing she creates. Jessie loves focusing on poetry, and even has 12 poems published on the website Teen Ink. She also won writer of the month award in 2019 for her poetry. She likes to write poetry because “it has a deeper meaning behind it that just a regular story and it can always be interpreted differently depending on the person reading it.”

When Jessie is not writing, she still keeps busy. She plays volleyball for the high school varsity team and also plays for a national travel club team outside of school. She loves to play volleyball because she finds it fun and loves it more than any other sport she has tried. She also likes to play on her travel team more because it allows her to travel to different states and she can play teams from all over. She is even going to be playing volleyball in college next year.

Jessie plans to major in education at college with a special focus in creative writing and she hopes to become a middle school of high school English teacher.

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