Warm Winter Causes Concern


Nothing is better to a student than waking up to a snow hidden driveway and a voicemail that school had been cancelled that day. Unfortunately, that is a feeling that we seemingly will not be having this year. Is winter coming later? Or does it simply not exist anymore?

According to the 2020 Old Farmer’s Almanac, the temperatures this winter have been and will continue to be above normal, while the amount of snowfall will be much below normal. This is starting to create some serious global warming concerns and causing people to question if this will become the new, yearly winter season norm. While there has been some snowfall in other states, Pennsylvania seems to be lacking and going through a dry patch. Even weeks ago, it was so abnormally warm, numerous news channels were reporting it to be a “winter heat wave.”

“My dad told me that when he was a kid, he could remember getting snowed in for weeks with feet and feet of snow on the ground. But now it seems like less and less, and all we’ve gotten this year was some flurries,” said junior Seth Harp.

With the record breaking winter weather we are having this season, it’s starting to cause anger among the students and even some teachers. Our school district has three annual snow days already built into the school year, meaning we will technically be in school three days longer than other schools if not used. So far, none have been used thus far, and all we have gotten from snow was one two-hour delay, and one early dismissal. Students may have been grateful for those, but still no comparison to a full day off.

“I feel like having built-in snow days is kinda pointless when we have no idea if it’s going to snow or not. It’s just making us go in for even more school, which is annoying and unnecessary,” stated junior Danny Pritchard.

While there may not have been any crazy snow fall yet this year, we can still hope for more in March.