TSA winners ‘Bear’ their BASH pride

BASH senior Kate Towers proudly displays a winning ribbon

Photographer: Natalie Hyland

BASH senior Kate Towers proudly displays a winning ribbon

Many of BASH’s students are involved in the Technology Student Association (TSA), sponsored by Boyertown’s Technology and Engineering Department teacher, Mr. Pennington, and love to work and build the objects they love. They can design and create items as simple as Children’s Stories, to as complex as Biotechnology Design.

In TSA, teams or individuals compete in many different categories to see if what they have designed is the best. Many of the students here at BASH won 1st place at the 2020 Region 9 Competition.

“I do events that occur with what I want to do in my future including my job,” said Theano Charitos, who placed 2nd in Debate, 2nd in Architecture, and 5th in Robotics, being part of the only robotics team to place. “I how it is a hands on experience.”

Our chapter of TSA won the Inspiration Award, which means they are basically the best chapter in the region in regards to fundraising and chapter bonding.

Madison Martin, Boyertown’s TSA President, won 1st in Board Game Design, 2nd in Children’s Stories, 1st in Digital Video Design, 1st in Photographic Technology, and 4th in Chapter Team Written. 

“The hardest part about being president is making sure that we are on top of everything we have to get done, like making sure that our events and fundraisers are completed on time,” Madison said. “Our chapter even had one of our students, Ashley Anousaya, win a $500 scholarship.” 

There are many reasons TSA students participate in the competitions. Payton Kalbach, who placed 2nd in

Photographer: Natalie Hyland

Architectural Design, 5th in Children’s Stories, and 5th in Robotics, enjoys them.

“You get to interact with everyone in the region,” Payton said. “We have friends in other schools we get to see, and the whole aspect of competing is fun.”

Richard Demenno, who placed 1st in Biotechnology, 2nd in Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and 3rd in Engineering and Design, shares both the bad and good.

“I like the competition and being with people who like doing what I do,” he said. “The worst thing, however, is how stressful it can get.”

TSA will go onto States from April 15 to 18 in Champion, PA, where they will stay at Seven Springs Resort. A full list of the categories and placings are below.

2020 Region 9 Results:

3D Animation
Place 1: 2004-901 Team A (Phil Angus, Sophia Carmichael, Gavin Tews, Josh Leshinskie, Mark Longenberger, Jacob Boughter)
Architectural Design
Place 2: 2004-902 Team B (Theano Charitos, Payton Kalbach, Nick Borzillo, Elliot Schott, Wesley Roma)
Place 3: 2004-901 Team A (Evan Young, Jordan Woodring, Lochlan LeVan, John Black, Benny Mash)
Biotechnology Design
Place 1: 2004-901 Team A (Ethan Josuweit, Richard DeMenno, Christian Freimann, Lucas Glackin, Josh Leshinskie, Gavin Tews)
Place 3: 2004-902 Team B (Nick Borzillo, Miranda Famous, Natalie Zaleski, Danielle Eslava, Dana Eslava, Lianne Morrell)
Board Game Design
Place 1: 2004-901 Team A (Paige Wenhold, Madison Martin, Scout Gilmore, Ashley Anousaya, Jenna Duczkowski, Sianna Swavely)
Children’s Stories
Place 2: 2004-901 Team A (Ashley Anousaya, Madison Martin, Scout Gilmore, Analise Peet, Benny Mash, Sianna Swavely)
Place 4: 2004-902 Team B (Natalie Zaleski, Miranda Famous, Lillian Mauger, Dana Eslava, Danielle Eslava, Lianne Morrell)
Place 5: 2004-903 Team C (Payton Kalbach, Nick Borzillo, Angelique Bauer, Elliot Schott, Sophia Carmichael, Theano Charitos)
Place 3: 2004-901 Team A (Derek Klass and John Black)
CADD 3D Engineering
Place 2: Derek Klass
Place 5: Mark Longenberger
Place 6: Jacob Boughter
Place 7: Richard DeMenno
Place 1: 2004-902 Team B (John Black, Evan Young, Derek Klass, Annie Howald)
Place 2: 2004-903 Team C (Richard DeMenno, Josh Leshinskie, Christian Freimann, Luke Yambor, Josh Mumie)
Place 6: 2004-901 Team A (David Frisco, Kai Gabriel, Jacob English, Cameron Doorey, Scott Barrett, Joe Burisky)
Debating Technological Issues
Place 2: 2004-902 Team B (Angelique Bauer, Theano Charitos)
Place 10: 2004-903 Team C (Anthony Bauer, Michael Kneidinger)
Digital Video Design
Place 1: 2004-901 Team A (Madison Martin, Benny Mash, Scout Gilmore, Analise Peet, Sianna Swavely, Sophia Carmichael)
Place 2: 2004-902 Team B (Natalie Zaleski, Lillian Mauger, Miranda Famous, Dana Eslava, Danielle Eslava)
Place 1: Mark Longenberger
Place 2: David Frisco
Place 3: Lochlan LeVan
Place 5: Kai Gabriel
Place 6: Christian Freimann
Place 7: Cameron Doorey
Place 8: Evan Young
Engineering Design
Place 1: 2004-902 Team B (Jacob English, Joseph Burisky, Lochlan LeVan, Cameron Doorey, Scott Barrett, Jenna Duczkowsky)
Place 3: 2004-903 Team C (Luke Yambor, Richard DeMenno, Lucas Glackin, Josh Leshinskie, Jacob Boughter, Josh Mumie)
Place 4: 2004-904 Team D (Theano Charitos, Analise Peet, Logan Westlake, Natalie Hyland)
Place 6: 2004-901 Team A (Paige Wenhold, Evan Young, Jordan Woodring, Kate Towers, Kai Gabriel, David Frisco)
Essays on Technology
Place 3: Jordan Woodring
Place 6: Lillian Mauger
Extemporaneous Presentation
Place 1: Kate Towers
Fashion Design
Place 2: 2004-901 Team A (Dana Eslava, Danielle Eslava, Lily Huynh)
Place 3: 2004-903 Team C (Natalie Hyland, Joseph Burisky)
Flight Endurance
Place 4: Josh Leshinskie
Place 6: Joshua O’Connor
Place 7: Lucas Glackin
Place 9: Scott Barrett
Place 11: Gavin Tews
Future Technology Teacher
Place 4: Lillian Mauger
Forensic Science
Place 1: 2004-902 Team B (Sianna Swavely, Joshua O’Connor)
Photographic Technology
Place 1: Madison Martin
Place 5: Lily Huynh
Place 7: Natalie Hyland
Prepared Presentation
Place 2: Kate Towers
Promotional Design
Place 1: Jenna Duczkowski
Place 2: Ashley Anousaya
Place 3: Sianna Swavely
Place 4: Paige Wenhold
Place 6: Analise Peet
Scientific Visualization
Place 1: 2004-901 Team A (Lillian Mauger, Natalie Zaleski, Danielle Eslava, Dana Eslava, Miranda Famous)
Structural Engineering Design
Place 3: 2004-901 Team A (Nick Borzillo, Anthony Bauer)
Place 4: 2004-903 Team C (Leshinskie, Longenberger)
Place 5: 2004-902 Team B (Phil Angus, Christian Freimann)
Place 6: 2004-904 Team D (Sophia Carmichael, Jacob Boughter)
Technology Problem Solving
Place 4: 2004-901 Team A (Derek Klass, Annie Howald)
Place 5: 2004-902 Team B (Cameron Doorey, Joseph Burisky)
Transportation Modeling
Place 1: Lochlan LeVan
Place 3: John Black
Place 5: Michael Kneidinger
Place 1: 2004-901 Team A (Lochlan LeVan, Benny Mash, Lillian Mauger, Natalie Zaleski, Miranda Famous)
PA Materials Processing
Place 2: David Frisco
Place 3: Wesley Roma
Place 4: Kai Gabriel
PA Safety Illustration
Place 1: Elliot Schott
Place 5: Ashley Anousaya
Place 6: Lucas Glackin
Chapter Team Written
Place 2: Joshua O’Connor
Place 4: Madison Martin
Place 10: Natalie Hyland
Place 11: Angelique Bauer
Technology Bowl Written
Place 2: Joshua O’Connor
Place 5: Luke Yambor
Place 6: John Black
Place 10: Ethan Josuweit