Live Day 2019: Riley Fischer performs “You Might Think,” by The Cars


Jocelyn Lear

Riley Fischer, a BASH junior, performed a cover of “You Might Think,” by The Cars.

To junior Riley Fischer, “You Might Think,” by 80’s new wave band The Cars represents something very personal to him.

“It’s a good representation of my feelings to one of my best friends of all time,” Riley said. “Her name is Molly Goodrich, she’s a childhood friend. We’ve known each other ever since before I went to preschool.”

Inspiration to perform “You Might Think,” came from personal feelings, as well as another popular band.

“I think it’s a relatively good song, all things considered,” he said. “Besides, I know the band named Weezer did a cover of this song, and if they can do it, who’s to say not just anyone can.”

Looking to start his own rock band eventually, Riley takes inspiration from some of the greats.

“Things that inspire me are other rock bands who play awesome songs,” he said. “My favorite rock band of all time is definitely Green Day, you know, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, TrĂ© Cool. Those guys are just truly amazing when it comes to punk rock music.”

While not having many struggles in school, music has helped him outside of the brick walls.

“I do sometimes struggle with controlling my amount of stress when things aren’t getting done,” Riley said. “Singing can sometimes be a good outlet for my stress. It helps me to practice my musical talent a little bit, and it also helps me to relax.”

His plans for the future are plentiful and great, starting with a YouTube channel.

“I plan to start a band named Platinum Coin,” he said. “It’s gonna be a new wave band. The name originates from a gold coin, because that was the most valuable form of currency back in ancient times, as I recall, and also platinum is far more valuable than gold.”

Riley advises younger students to work hard to achieve dreams.

“You might just do it,” he said.

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