Christmas comes earlier and earlier


Jessie Ahart

Thanksgiving approaches, yet Christmas overshadows the November holiday.

The situation: It’s mid November and you walk past storefronts full of wintry Christmas decorations. Radio stations are already playing songs of merriment and joy about the coming December. Are you happy or annoyed that Christmas is celebrated so early? What about Thanksgiving? 

We’ve all walked into a store just a few days after Halloween to see a spectacle of lit up trees bedazzled with glittering ornaments and lights. Some people enjoy the display as a sign that Christmas is coming, while others become frustrated at the lack of recognition for Thanksgiving.

For years now, there has always been the controversial argument of whether or not it is too early to celebrate Christmas before December. This being said, what do the students of BASH think?

“People who put up Christmas decorations anytime before Thanksgiving make the holiday not as special. It takes away the spirit,” 10th grader Cade Hovey said.

On the other hand, sophomores Nyla Omlor and Haillie Moser both agree that they don’t mind the Christmas season being celebrated before the end of November.

“As long as you’re not putting trees up already, it’s fine. I like it,” said Moser.

Most of the people gave their reasons for why they did or didn’t enjoy an early holiday season, but almost no one answered that they were upset at Thanksgiving being forgotten.

“It’s not as prevalent, some people don’t like it because they have to go see family which can cause problems. When you think about [the weather] getting cold, you think of Christmas before Thanksgiving,” said Haillie Moser.

So, is it too early for Christmas? You decide.