Mural Depicts Student Diversity


Jocelyn Lear

The diversity wall is meant to represent everybody at BASH, bringing inclusion and acceptance.

Throughout the years, BASH has been growing in diversity, and finally found a way to represent it for everyone to see.

“We didn’t have something that represented the diversity at our school, so we thought creating a mural could express the community we have,” said Junior Student Council Vice President Ashley Neff. 

In the summer, the student council club met at the school to start the project. They created the mural by painting the wall on the staircase leading up to the 600’s, adjacent to the cafeteria. The then plain grey wall, is now painted with bright colors and adjectives that represent the student body. 

“When people think of Boyertown, they don’t think of diversity, but we are, and we want to show off the positive aspects of our school,” commented Neff. “The goal of mural is to not only show our diversity, but we hoped students would relate to one of the words and get a better understanding of their peers.”