The Results Are In: BASH Speaks on the New Year


Jocelyn Lear

Students worry about finding their new classes, friends, and what new teachers will be like.

Pennywise does not seem to be the scariest part of the 2019-2020 school year. 

Move over Freddy Kruger, it appears getting lost is in the nightmares of Boyertown students this year. 

“Yeah, I had no idea where my classes were,” said freshman Dalton Baker.

Freshmen Evan Eickhoff and Alyssa Albanese shared the same worries, an issue that doesn’t just concern freshmen.

“I was nervous about finding all my classes,” said Jessica Ahart, a junior.

Josefina Heitman and Camilla Kuever, juniors from Germany attending Boyertown this year, were also worried. 

 Among worries were hard teachers and finding friends in classes, sophomores Luke Ordway and Eddie Higgins shared. 

Despite this, students have conquered their fears through anticipation for the new year. 

Such as sophomore Luke Ordway, who stated that math was his favorite class, “because of my teacher Mr. Crouse.” 

Other favorites were Government and Economics, as Junior Jared Anderson shared,  while Nate Jomarron prefers Chemistry.

Halee Herman, a freshman at BASH, states that her favorite teacher is Mr. Pennington, while senior Laura Wigand and sophomore Keiran Whibby prefer the arts, their favorites being Mr. Frunzi and Mr. Langdon respectively. 

While some students, like those mentioned, enjoy their classes, others do not.

Junior Ashley Rupert states, “I don’t really like any of my classes this year.” 

Cole Martin, a junior, is also unhappy with his classes, one in particular being Algebra II. Avery Swiesfort, a senior, is nervous for Pre-Calculus.

It is clear, now more than ever, that students are concerned about their grades. 

With the increase in AP and honors courses these students are taking, nerves for keeping their grades up seem to skyrocket. Juniors are dealing with the stresses of finding colleges, and keeping their grades up for what they have been consistently reminded is “the most important year of their school career.” 

Junior Kloe Hasselhan said that her nerves have increased in the initial weeks of the year.

Seniors, on the other hand, are dealing with the effects of “Senioritis” while graduation looms overhead. 

One senior in particular, Rose Soda, noted that she had an especially bad case of “Senioritis” saying, “I want to leave.” 

On the other hand, senior Declan Coyle states that the worst part of his year is the knowledge that this is the last year being around his friends. 

Incoming freshmen are dealing with the stresses of a new school, and are adjusting to their routines, preparing themselves for the workload ahead, while sophomores move into the main school and relearn their way around to put another year at BASH under their belt.

It appears every fear has been conquered, except perhaps the fear of the future. Enjoy the present and make friends; try to keep this year as stress-free as possible. After all, these are the best years of our lives.