Makeup Tips for Prom

Glitter cut crease is a popular makeup trend and perfect for prom.

Glitter cut crease is a popular makeup trend and perfect for prom.

Makeup is a big deal to girls when prom rolls around. The new makeup trend right now is glitter cut creases, which are perfect for prom. Prom makeup has to be extra perfect; that is one special night to look your best. Here’s a list of important tips to rely on if doing prom makeup on your own this year. We will start with the most important one,

  • I cannot stress this enough… SPRAY YOUR FACE!

You may be wondering exactly what this means. Spray your face with setting spray, even if its a cheaper brand, it will seal your makeup and prevent it from melting off your face, you have a long night for your makeup to stay put.  


  • Blend your foundation down your neck


We do not want harsh foundation lines showing up in prom pictures- not flattering, because most likely your neck is exposed depending on your dress and your hair. So blend,blend,blend.


  • Powder is key


Prom is a long night full of dancing, which leads to sweat! No matter if you have dry or combination skin, your face is likely to get oily from having face makeup on mixed with humid air and sweat. So don’t forget your setting powder or pressed powder. Try to mostly focus on your T-zone, since that is the place where oil is mostly collected.


  • Make sure your lipstick isn’t on your teeth


          Lipstick puts the icing on the cake with makeup, but it can also easily mess up your look.            There’s a trick I have to go with this tip. After applying lipstick stick your finger in your mouth and    close your lips on it, pull it out and you should have collected the excess lipstick nearly touching your teeth. You’re welcome.


  • Moisturize


Your foundation needs a base So that it applies naturally, not cakey, apply moisturizer or spf and let it sink in. It assists in make your foundation look flawless.


  • Blush & Contour make such a difference


Adding a little of color to warm up your face after foundation, concealer and powder makes a huge difference. With bronzer and contour your able to carve out your face to make it appear slimmer or bring out certain features. Blush adds some natural looking blushing look to your face which tops the face off.

If you’re not the type to want to do your own makeup and want someone else to glam you up I know a few suggestions!

To start, I am your gal. I’d love to glam you up for prom. Check out my work at @makeupbykelsee on instagram. Places like Sephora and Ulta also do makeup for around $40 the low end.