Students Set New Year’s Resolutions

Along with the excitement of the new year, comes the amazing yet dreaded resolutions.

Everyone is given a new opportunity to better themselves by creating a goal and attempting to stick by it for the new year. Some people better themselves throughout the year with their resolution while others break it within a matter of days.

“I aspire to be more successful and achieve more than I was able to last year and build from what I have already done,” Junior Tyler Seidel said.

People bettering themselves seems to be a common goal for most New Year’s resolutions, it’s just a matter of how they go about doing so.

“I’m going to look back at my mistakes from last year and make better decisions so I can fix myself as a person,” Tyler said.

Many students are aiming for academic achievements  for 2019.

“I want to improve my grades from the first two quarters, because I know  I can do better and it feels good to see many A’s on my report card,” Sophomore Kim Anders said.

While a majority of resolutions relate to doing better in school, some also lead to students changing the way they see the world.

“I want to have a more positive mindset and look at the glass half full instead of empty this year. This way I can be a happier and more fun person to be around,” Noelle Allonce said.

While setting goals is healthy and important, they can never be reached without a set plan on how to reach them. This is where many people struggle if they aren’t positive on what they’re doing, or don’t carry out their plans.

“I know if I do some sort of workout everyday and keep it difficult, I can reach my goal and become stronger,” Sophomore Cody Adkins said.

New Year’s resolutions do not just magically happen, and it’s a matter of how determined people are to get what they want.

“I think if I work hard enough at something it’s easy for me to improve; it’s just a matter of how serious I’m willing to take it,” Sophomore Courtney Actis said.

Most agree that, whether it’s for a new year or not, setting goals and working toward them is beneficial.

“I think it’s healthy to work toward something and get a new start, because you never know what could happen if you don’t try,” Tyler said.