Some Say Logan Paul Has Gone Too Far on YouTube


Controversial YouTube star Logan Paul speaking at Comic Con.

From videos of mocking a suicide victim to harming dead animals for pleasure, 22-year-old YouTuber, Logan Paul is more popular than ever, but some say he has gone too far.

Logan’s fame blew up after vulgar videos came out that heavily disturbed and possibly threatened many viewers.  

It started with a video taken in Japan’s Suicide Forest, where he found and recorded a deceased victim. In the video, he was filming a man who hung himself from a tree, while laughing and continuing to broadcast the victim. This was only the beginning. He also has uploaded  videos showing people consuming Tide Pods and him using a taser gun on a dead rat. Some find these videos not only totally distasteful, but dangerous.

“Logan Paul should be removed from YouTube, because he posts content that shouldn’t be public for young viewers to see,” 9th grader Jade Slaughter said.

Freshman Ashley Burger agrees, saying Logan’s videos have created an unsafe environment on social media, due to the content that his viewers are now exposed to, especially his younger audience who look up to him as a role model.

“He threatens society’s safety, because he can influence younger children to find suicide as a laughing matter or do things that are very dangerous,” she said.

Logan received a lot of immediate angry responses when he posted the suicide video. YouTube was quick to remove the video, but not in enough time to take back what numerous people saw and saved at that point.

“I saw the one in the suicide video in Japan, but at that point it was censored so I couldn’t even see what everybody else did,” Freshman Natalie Zaleski said.

She believes it was wrong to post the video and Logan should say he is sorry in a public apology.

Logan’s net worth has greatly risen to well over a million dollars since the recent uploads came out, leaving people wondering if he really regrets his choices, along with the fact that he is completely in the spotlight and won’t upload a sincere apology video.

“If he cared that much he wouldn’t have uploaded in the first place, and would make a true apology video,” Natalie said.

Indeed, Logan has not slowed down and is getting even more attention. Sports gamer YouTuber KSI has now challenged him to a boxing match in New England. The challenge was accepted, and this is now considered the next “Mayweather v.s. McGregor” battle. If he wins, which many think is possible, he could become even more popular.

“I think Logan Paul will win, because I know from his earlier videos he did flips and athletic things that would show he is physically capable of winning the match,” Ashley said.

Some are worried that he continues to gain popularity.

“He threatens society’s safety, because he can influence younger children to find suicide as a laughing matter or do things that are very dangerous,” Ashley said.

Even though in today’s anything-goes social media environment Logan could remain popular, some are taking a stand and not watching him anymore.

“I won’t keep watching his videos,” Jade said, “because I don’t need to be exposed to things like viewing dead bodies, and the dumb things he does in general.”